Jillicious Reading: Review Policy

Review Policy

This blog is intended to give visitors new reading ideas.  I only write about the books that stand out to me in some way – strong characters, interesting plots, original ideas, smart writing … books that make me think, make me laugh out loud, stay with me long after the last page … books that are worth checking out and giving a try.

Because of the purpose of the blog, Jillicious Reading only includes positive reviews.  There is, of course, a range within the books I “like” – some just have a few redeeming qualities that make them worth a read while others are not-to-be-missed, “rock stars.”  But, all of the books spotlighted on the blog must have some literary merit and reader appeal. 

So, I do not review books by request.  I am afraid I would feel I must say something positive, and I can’t take the pressure!  🙂  It would also defeat the purpose of the blog and my original intent.  If you have a book you would like me to read, you are welcome to send it to me … but I can’t make any promises.  If I do read it and like it, I’ll write about it!  But, if I don’t, it won’t appear on the blog.  

Email me if you have a book you’d like to send, but please remember that it may not make it to my “to read” stack and/or to my “blog about” list.  Thank you for your understanding!         


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