Jillicious Reading: October 2011


The Texas Lone Star List nominations are in!  Click here to see the list of titles that have been nominated for the 2012 list.

The Lone Star List is a list of 20 books that are recommended for pleasure reading for students in grades 6 – 8  … or for anyone who enjoys a good book! 

Take a look at the list and read some of the books that have been nominated.  Let me know which books you’re liking (or not liking!) by leaving a comment.  Then stay tuned.  The final list of 20 titles will be published in mid-November. 

Also, be sure to check out past lists for more reading ideas.  The hottest books in young adult literature continually find their way onto the Lone Star List!   


New posts coming soon!

Going back to school this fall and staying up with my Lone Star reading has been keeping me busy, busy!  But, I’ve got lots of great books to tell you about.  So, stay tuned!  As soon as I get a moment to come up for air, I’ll start posting some jillicious reads you don’t want to miss!    


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