Jillicious Reading: May 2009


The Red Blazer Girls
by Michael D. Beil

Summary: Sophie, a student at St. Veronica’s private school in Manhattan, looks out the window in English class and screams! Looking back at her from the church window across the courtyard is a ghostly white face! Sophie and her friends Margaret and Rebecca set out to investigate. They discover that the woman is real and in need of help. The girls then find themselves in an elaborate puzzle that challenges their knowledge of religion, languages, math, literature, philosophy and art … and which could result in the discovery of true treasure!
Thoughts: This is a light-hearted new mystery series with lots of fun clues and puzzles to solve. The Red Blazer Girls are modern and spunky; I look forward to their next adventure!

King of the Screwups

by K.L. Going

Summary: The son of a powerful CEO and former supermodel, Liam Geller is popular, athletic, and unbelievably handsome. But, he can’t seem to do anything right in the eyes of his father. After one-too-many disappointments, his father kicks him out of the house, right before his senior year. With nowhere else to go, Liam moves in with his “Aunt Pete,” his father’s estranged brother who happens to be a cross-dressing deejay living in a “broken-down trailer park in the middle of nowhere.” How much more screwed up can things get?

Thoughts: I loved this novel! It was funny, heartbreaking, and original. The characters were real and endearing. They remind you that what’s inside is what’s most important and that sometimes you have to make your own way even if it’s not what’s expected or desired by those around you.

The Christopher Killer

by Alane Ferguson

Summary: The daughter of the town’s coroner, Cameryn “Cammie” Mahoney desperately wants to become a forensic pathologist. She convinces her father to hire her as his assistant. Witnessing dead bodies is a challenge, even for her strong stomach. But, what is even more challenging is when Cammie discovers that one of the bodies is that of her friend who has just become the latest victim of a serial killer.

Thoughts: The Christopher Killer is an intense, gristly mystery. I liked the characters, the pace, and the forensics in the story. This is a great mystery series for fans of CSI!


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