Jillicious Reading: February 2011


by Cynthia Hand

Summary:  Clara is one-quarter angel.  She begins to see visions that provide glimpses of her purpose on earth and lead her family to the mountains of Wyoming.  Who is the boy in the forest fire?  And, how can she save him?  

ThoughtsUnearthly is a slice of heaven!  It’s a creative novel full of intrigue, excitement, romance, angels, mountains, and cowboys… what more do you need?  I was captivated from page 1. And, the minute I closed the back cover, I was online to discover if there is sequel (There is, thank heavens!).  If you like romances set in beautiful landscapes and sprinkled with the supernatural, check out Unearthly!  It’s divine. 

Click here to view book trailers for Unearthly and learn more about the novel’s author Cynthia Hand.

The Fortune of Carmen Navarro
by Jen Bryant

Summary: Ryan, a cadet at the local military academy, is a model student who makes excellent grades and always does the right thing.  Carmen, a gorgeous, free-spirited gypsy of a girl, dropped out of school to follow her dream of making music.  When these two teens meet, the results are explosive and change their lives forever.

Thoughts:  This novel is a modern retelling of the book that inspired the opera Carmen.  Through the voices of Carmen, Ryan and their best friends, Will and Maggie, the story of passionate, obsessive love is told.  The Fortune of Carmen Navarro is a clever interpretation of the original story that captivates the reader with its fast pace, interesting setting, and intense drama.  

Click here to watch a book trailer for The Fortune of Carmen Navarro and to read more about Jen Bryant’s writing.

by Joseph Monninger

Summary:  Bee’s little brother Tommy has cystic fibrosis.  Through a charity, he is getting his biggest wish: to dive with the great white sharks.  Bee is determined to make the trip perfect for Tommy, but she may end up having some of her wishes granted, too, on this special trip.  

Thoughts:  There was a lot to like in this novel: realistic characters, lovely coastal setting, unique plot, fascinating shark facts.  But, what I liked the most was Tommy.  He is an amazing character, someone you wish you knew.  The way he lives his challenging life is inspiring; the story of his fascination with great whites and this chance to have his greatest wish granted is one readers will not soon forget.  The story of Bee, Tommy’s protective, loving sister, and the way she is affected by this trip is also a touching adventure. 

Masters of Disaster

by Gary Paulsen

Summary: Henry decides that he and friends Reed and Riley are the most boring twelve-year-olds on the planet.  To solve this problem, he creates a series of tasks guaranteed to turn them into Men of Action and Daring.  

Thoughts:  Masters of Disaster is hilarious!  Gary Paulsen, the Master of Storytelling, has created another delightful tale.  Likeable characters, wacky adventures, perfect wit and word choice …. all go together to create a book that is short in length, but big in fun.  I hated for the adventures to come to an end and hope we will hear more from Henry, Riley and Reed in a disasterous sequel!

Click here to read more about Gary Paulsen, his books, and his adventure-filled life.


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