Jillicious Reading: August 2009


Along for the Ride

by Sarah Dessen

Summary: Auden has always immersed herself in her studies and is looking forward to spending the summer reading ahead in her college textbooks. In a rare spontaneous moment, she decides to go spend the summer with her dad, his young wife, and her new baby sister. The summer turns out to be quite a surprising ride that begins when Auden meets handsome, cyclist Eli.

Thoughts: I adore Sarah Dessen’s writing, and her latest novel did not disappoint. The summer beach setting pulled me right in and then I fell in love with these characters and their journeys to find healing, love, and the perfect piece of pie. 😉

When You Reach Me

by Rebecca Stead

Summary: The note read: “I am coming to save your friend’s life, and my own…. you must write me a letter.” Miranda wonders what it means. Is she being influenced by the time travel in her favorite book A Wrinkle in Time or could it really be possible??

Thoughts: This book is fascinating! It makes your head spin! After I finished, I wanted to start it all over again and see how it all fit together. Very original and captivating. I am so glad it made the new Texas Lone Star list!

Eon: Dragoneye Reborn

by Alison Goodman
Summary: Eon is in a fierce competition to be chosen as the apprentice to the Rat Dragon. Each year one of the twelve dragons that rule the Empire selects an apprentice from the young candidates who have spent years training and preparing. Crippled and small, Eon has little change of being selected. Futhermore, this candidate holds a dangerous secret, that, if revealed, will surely result in death.
Thoughts: Fantasy is not my first love, so I can be a tough critic. This one, however, gets high marks from me! I thoroughly enjoyed Eon’s Chinese-inspired setting, the dragon lore, the richly-developed characters, and the exciting plot twists & turns. I highly recommend this novel for fantasy lovers and for anyone looking for an exciting adventure.

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!

Check out the trailers of these novels that will soon hit the big screen:

New Moon
by Stephanie Meyer

The Lightning Thief
by Rick Riordan

Bull Rider

by Suzanne Morgan Williams

Summary: Cam comes from a family of champion bull riders, but he prefers skateboarding. His life is turned upside down when his big brother, Ben, comes back from Iraq severely injured. Cam must deal with the changes in Ben and also consider carrying on the family tradition of bull riding.
Thoughts: This is a realistic look at how devastating war can be on the families of soldiers as well as the soldiers themselves. I really enjoyed the story as seen through Cam’s eyes; it was well-developed and poignant. The world of bull riding was interesting to me, but a reader wouldn’t need to have an interest in this to enjoy this compelling novel.

The Kind of Friends We Used to Be

by Frances O’Roark Dowell

Summary: Kate and Marilyn were best friends forever … until sixth grade. Now as 7th graders, they are trying to navigate their changed relationship as they make new friends and explore new interests. The girls wonder if they’ll ever be the kind of friends they used to be.

Thoughts: This book is spot on as it explores the changes that occur in middle school …changing friendships and girls trying to figure out where they fit in. I loved the characters, especially Kate who is hilarious. This is actually the sequel to The Secret Language of Girls, but it stands alone and doesn’t require the reading of the first. I hope there will be more novels about these girls and their middle school experiences.


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