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About Me

I am a school librarian and hopeless bibliophile.  I particularly love young adult literature and sharing these great books with kids! 
After growing up in West Texas, I attended Texas A&M University and majored in education.  I taught for 11 years in Dallas and then, because of my passion for books and reading, decided to become a librarian.  I earned a Master’s of Library Science from the University of North Texas and have worked in school libraries for 7 years. 

Currently, I am the librarian at Highland Park Middle School in Dallas.  I returned to HPISD – the district where I got my first teaching job and did all of my classroom teaching! – last year.  I have loved being back and reconnecting with former colleagues and students. I have also started work on my PhD at Texas Woman’s University. 

I have been married to the most wonderful man in the world for 20 years.  He is a fellow Aggie and the funniest person I know.  We enjoy traveling, watching sports, going to movies, trying new restaurants, and spending time with friends & family.  We have been blessed with four nephews and one niece that we love dearly.

The best place in the world to watch college football… Kyle Field!  Whoooop!


Redstone, Colorado … one of my very favorite places!
Mabel & Ellie

Last year we lost our two beloved pets.  Ellie, our chunky. loveable pug, passed away in September and Mabel, our sweet yellow lab, passed away in March.  We miss them terribly.  We decided to get two new puppies to keep us busy … and they have done just that!   

Olive & Junebug 🙂

Dallas has been my home since college.  I enjoy all that the big city has to offer, but am really a small town girl at heart.  I hope to someday live in the Texas Hill Country in a house surrounded by bluebonnets!    


  1. I really like the blog, specially the colors, they are so subtle and fun. ; )

    I created a new blog directory for bloggers if you are ever interested in listing blog there. It's free. Check it out at www.FictionBloggers.com


  2. Thank you so much for visiting and for leaving a nice comment. I will definitely visit www.fictionbloggers.com and list the blog there. What a great resource!


  3. Hi Jill-I was looking for a way to contact you, but couldn't find an email address. Hope you don't mind me leaving this here…

    Hi there, Jill!

    We’re the Class of 2k12, a group of authors whose debut works of young-adult and middle-grade fiction will come out in 2012.

    You may have heard of our predecessors, as the 2k classes go all the way back to 2007. Many well-known and acclaimed middle-grade and young-adult authors have been a part of previous 2k classes, including Rebecca Stead (When You Reach Me), Jay Asher (Thirteen Reasons Why), and Sarah Prineas (The Magic Thief series). We hope to carry on this tradition and do them proud!

    It’s almost our turn to try. Our website, http://www.classof2k12.com, will be launching on 10-12-2011, and we’d like to keep you informed of the contests, activities and appearances we’ve planned throughout 2012. We’ll also be available for guest blogging, Skype visits, online chats, and even some in-person events as the year rolls along.

    If you’d like to receive our flyer and join our mailing list, please email us at [email protected] and provide the best email address at which to reach you. You will hear from us once a month with a friendly, non-spammy newsletter, and we will never share your email address with anyone, period.

    We look forward to hearing from you, and please feel free to be in touch with questions, comments or requests.


    Kimberly Sabatini
    Debut Author of TOUCHING THE SURFACE (Simon Pulse, Fall 2012)
    on behalf of the Class of 2k12


  4. Hey Jill! My 15 year old has not read any Sarah Dessen books. I thought I'd get her one for Christmas break reading. I know you love her — what would you suggest starting with? Hope you and Jason are well!

    Kim (Fisher) J


  5. Hi, Kim! Great to hear from you. I think THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER is a good Sarah Dessen to start with. That's the first one I read and still one of my favorites. What a great mom you are!

    It is hard for me to believe you have a 15-yr-old daugther. How is that possible when you were running Fish Camp just a couple of years ago?? 😉

    Hope you're all doing well and enjoying the holiday season. Stay in touch!
    – jill


  6. Jill – I LOVE your blog so now I'm following & I shared it with the 6th & 7th LA teachers . . . really like the template you use to write about the books. To loosely quote John Green — you NFTBA — translation, you never forget to be awesome.


  7. Thanks for following, Leesa, and for sharing with your teachers. I appreciate it! And, you NFTBA either. 🙂 (I heart John Green!)


  8. Jill, thanks for the blog; it is fantastic. After looking at the BT for "Wonder", I stumbled upon the book…"The One and Only Ivan". At times, I DO cry when reading, but I've never cried watching a TRAILER.
    Have you read "The One and Only Ivan"?



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