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3 reasons for a new blog

  1. Lists.   I love lists.  I love making them, and I love content delivered through them. The Buzz Feed-ish list posts are always my favorite on any blog and instantly draw me in.  So, why not give them a try on my own blog?  I think it will be a fun format that will allow me to think about books in new ways and write about more books more often.
  2. Change is good.  As George Couros says, “Change is an opportunity to do something amazing.”  No promises that this blog will be amazing, but change is exciting and inspiring.  I have a new perspective and passion in my work.  I believe strongly in literature’s power to broaden horizons, build empathy, and teach kindness. Literature touches and expands hearts. It can motivate people to take action and to make positive changes personally and in the world around them.  A freshly formatted blog allows me to share my passion for literature and its transformative power in a new way.
  3. Fresh starts.  And, who doesn’t love a fresh start?  A new school year, a crisp blank journal, a fresh box of crayons, a sassy fun haircut.  It’s a chance to take a deep breath and begin anew, hopeful for the journey ahead.  Will you join me?

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